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About the Author:
Leo Walters is an e-commerce merchant specializing in historical photographs and posters, as well as vintage Hollywood memorabilia found here.
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Published Date: 2007/4/26 13:30:00
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Author: Leo Walters

With literally hundreds of thousands of online jewelry merchants, your success depends on gaining every competitive edge you can. Beautiful photographs and rock bottom pricing help, but success will often depend on the details that make your customers visit memorable compared to the competition.

Recognition is a key aspect, and your jewelry website should be designed with consistent branding throughout. You want customers to recognize your brand which you've established on every page and through every step of the shopping experience. Not only should your website be consistent, but you should carry your branding across your invoicing; packing slips and all correspondence. It's a huge factor in keeping them coming back.

One of the first areas to start in establishing your brand is in your logo and graphics design. Whether you hire a professional, or complete the chore on your own, your site graphics are going to play a major role in grabbing attention.

Such design work may not be your forte, but with easily obtained graphics software, stunning results are not impossible. Considerable thought should be given to your project in advance. It helps to have a clear idea of the type of look you're hoping to accomplish.

Don't underestimate the smaller details. Choosing the correct color scheme is just as important as layout, navigation and other specifics. Color combinations can convey different messages dependent on your target market, and should compliment each other to create the perfect mood reflective of your site.

Equal care should be given to select appropriate fonts. Different styles convey different messages. A font that appeals to a punk rocker just isn't going to have the right effect when you're selling elegant jewelry. Whether your inventory consists of sterling silver charms or exquisite gemstones, your choice of font should be one of classy style. Don't limit yourself to the standard font set on your computer either. Finding resources for the right font isn't difficult. Sites such as Laughingravy21 usually have thousands of free fonts for you to choose from.

With patience and a little practice, it is not difficult to create stunning graphics for your jewelry website. Give it a try! Eye appeal and branding will help build your customer base. The best of luck to you in your online pursuits!

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