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Published Date: 2009/8/27 15:20:00
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Hughendon, Queensland
Hughendon is located 376km west of Townsville on the Flinders Highway; It is the eastern most corner of the area known as Australia’s Dinosaur Trail, which takes in Hughendon, Richmond and Winton.

Hughendon is a large outback town which has two caravan parks, supports about three service stations and two hotels.  We called into one of the hotels to pick up some refreshments only find out that they did not have what we required.  The young lady said "go up to Mums' Pub she will have it" this pub caters for the young people, Bourbon etc. and is owned by Dad.  We didn't know to whether to start drinking Bourbon with Dad or join Mum and drink the old peoples drink.  Anyway, after a bit of a smile and a giggle we got what we wanted at Mums' Pub.

Belenites Squid

The Hughendon Discovery Centre is also the Tourist Information Centre has a very interesting display centring on the history of the area, the dinosaurs and gemstones.  It is well worth a visit.

Speaking of gemstones, the Kennedy Developmental road which passes through Hughendon is best known to us through its connection with Cheviot Hills the Peridot and Moonstone localities. 

One little known collection area for Belemnites, an ancient squid like creature approximately 110 million years old is on the Kennedy Development Rd 16.7 km from the Discovery Centre.  They advertise this and other localities at the centre, but it seems that not many people take up the option.  After about half an hour of fairly easy digging and sieving in the dry creek bed we found eight belemnites.  Don’t forget to fill in your diggings.  There are a couple of other fossicking sites in the area but were closed for some reason while we were there.
Little Grand Canyon
The Kennedy Development Road from the Hughendon end is being upgraded; the first 36 km is bitumen and from there it is a mixture of both bitumen and gravel.  Porcupine Gorge is about 65km from Hughendon.  Roadways in the National Park are bitumen to the main tourist areas.

Porcupine Gorge is billed as “Australia’s Little Grand Canyon” and shows the layers of rock formation for 500 million years; another way of looking at it is 500 million years of soil erosion.  Whichever way you look at the gorge it is magnificent, multi-layered, multi-coloured; sections of the Great Basalt Wall can be seen in places.  There is a walking track to the base of the gorge, 1.8km down and of course 1.8km back up!  We were satisfied just using the binoculars and the camera.
dinosaurs Skeleton
Hughendon in ancient times would be placed on the edge of the inland sea and from various lookouts about 10km outside of the town the great flat plateau can be seen hence the marine fossils in the area.

We found Hughendon to be an interesting place and well worth the 3 days stopover.

Des & Penny

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