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Cloncurry District Queensland
Quartz Amethyst Quartz Info
Amethyst CrystalsQuartz is found in the same areas as Topaz and is often confused with it. Areas such as O'Briens Creek, Stanthorpe and Cloncurry Districts produce high quality Quartz Crystals. Amethyst is a major variety found in the Cloncurry district.
Cloncurry is a vast area of thinly populated districts it is easy to get lost in the bush and loose your sense of direction. The Mary Kathleen Tourist Information Centre in View Mud MapCloncurry supplies up to date local maps and information on road conditions. Our advice is to visit there before embarking upon you quest. Areas such as Crystal Mountain, Kuridala, Amethyst Castle, Dinosaur Rock and Pumkin Gully all yield gemstones of various types.
Amethyst Fossicking: Cloncurry
Where to Fossick
Finding Quartz in these areas can be done by digging in the recommended localities, easily identified by old workings and dry sieving the decomposed sedimentary gravels. Good observations skills are required to identify the gemstones as experience is gained this task becomes easier.
Vehicle Access
While most of the access roads are gravel, most are fairly rough due to corrugations. The construction of a 4WD is more able to absorb the road shocks and is the recommended vehicle to use in this area. Bush tracks leading to gemstone sites are typical of those found on designated fossicking areas depending upon the time of year-usually it is 4WD access only-when in doubt, walk ahead and find out what the track conditions are like.


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