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Fullarton River Queensland
About Fullarton River Garnet Info
View Mud MapThe Garnet deposit is on Maronan Station. The owner has erected signs directing fossickers to the right place. Observe all courtesies when on the Station e.g. cattle have right of way, close all gates or as you found them and take your rubbish when you leave. The track into the deposit is approximately 19Klm where it terminates in a bush camp ground.
Garnet Fossicking: Maronan Station
Fullarton River, Maronon Station CampCamping is only allowed in the designated camping area. Campers must be self sufficient, be sure to carry ample drinking water and sufficient fuel for the return journey. You may be on your own in this location. Be aware wild Camels frequent this area.
Fullarton River, Maronan Station camp area. .
Where to Fossick
From the camp ground look directly east where a large elongated hill will be seen, it is this hill that is impregnated with Garnet. Tracks will be seen traversing up the side of the hill, Sieving for Garnetswhere the top is found to be flattened plateau, dig along the schists and in between the rows of rocks. Sieve the dirt and pebbles by holding the sieve up to the sun and looking through the bottom, the coloured Garnets will be seen.The Garnets in this area have a mulberry tinge to their colour. Larger ones are desirable as most stones have a black carbon speck in the centre.
By cutting the stone in half and faceting each side, good matching stones can be achieved.
Vehicle Access
A 4WD vehicle is desirable as the roadway in is a bush track, however there are no ground clearance problems. Some sections are quite rough but many people tow their caravans in and do it quite safely at the right speed.


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