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Glen Innes District New South Wales
About Glen Innes Sapphire Info
Glen Innes has a great many sapphire fossicking areas within easy reach of the town.Glen Innes is a large country town with good shopping and all services. It forms the junction of the Gwydir and New England Highways.
Saphhire Fossicking: Glen Innes Gemfields
A number of Caravan Parks are located at Glen Innes. Blue Sapphire, Craigeburn, Fossicker, Glen Innes Rest, Poplar, and a number of Farm stays are also available. Other options include Boolabinda, Toreuni Bed & Breakfast, and Wattleridge.
Where to Fossick
Boolabinda Homestead-Reldestone Creek a fee per person per day is charged. Wellingrove—a designated fossicking area. Dwyers—this is private property, information available from Glen Innes Visitors Centre. Pinetops-private property 40 kilometres west of Glen Innes, a fee per person per day is charged. Information is also available at the Glen Innes Visitors Centre.
Fossicking Method: Where to Dig
In ancient times the Sapphire's weathered from the host rocks and was gradually washed into ancient rivers and streams, which were much larger than those found today. Most sapphire is found in or adjacent to today's creeks and the river gravels.
Extracting the Sapphire
Extracting the sapphire relies on the principle that sapphire has a greater specific gravity e.g. is heavier for given size than all other stones except diamonds. It is obtained by shovelling bed gravels into fossicking sieves and thoroughly washing away silts and smaller stones. A Willoughby can be used if desired, then examine the stones for colour.
Vehicle Access
Good bitumen and gravel roadways service the area, most are suitable for conventional vehicles.
Gemstones and Minerals of the District
Ben Lomond - Calcite, zeolite minerals
Elsmore - Rutilated quartz, zircon, garnet
Dwyers - Sapphire, zircon, garnet
Torrington - Beryl, fluorite, aquamarine, emerald, citrine, bismuth, topaz,
- wolframite, cassiterite, orsenopyrite


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