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RubyvaleDiscover where & how to find Australian Gemstones. We've been exploring and fossicking different parts of Australia for well over 12 years; during this time we've gathered a wealth of information and experiences about fossicking for gemstones.
How do you get started? where do you go? what do you look for? These were some of the questions that we asked ourselves when we first decided to begin fossicking for gemstones. Now after years of fossicking we've seen parts of Australia that we otherwise might not have encountered, and have found some beautiful gemstones along the way.
Below is a summary of some of the information to help you get started, or you can use the links under the Fossicking Menu, enjoy.
Identifying Popular Gemstones of Australia
Faceted GemstonesHow do you know when you've found a gemstone? There are more than 3800 minerals known to exist, with only a very small proportion, about 20, of these suitable to be cut and polished into gemstones. For a mineral to - read more
Discover Australian Gemstone Locations
Fossicking for gemstonesIf you plan on travelling Australia but are looking to stay away from the commercial tourist areas, then why not explore fossicking regions of Australia. This section shows interesting fossicking areas to explore - read more
Beautiful Gemstone Jewellery
You've found the perfect gemstone, but are not sure what to do with it. This section aims to give examples of some gemstones that have been made into fashionable jewellery, including tips on how to get started making your own. - read more
Travelling Remote Regions of Australia
Travelling, camping or caravanning in the Australian outback can be a very pleasurable past time, although it can be a bit uncomfortable at times and there are many potential hazards; when we go caravanning, we like to be comfortable and to ensure that all necessary steps have been taken to make sure we have a safe journey. Find out how we do it and discover what equipment we take and what preparations we make before we leave. - read more


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