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Blue topaz rings and other fine jewelry can be found at http://www.jewelrytipsite.com . Diana is a freelance writer who has lent her talents to our jewelry site.
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Published Date: 2007/4/25 13:40:00
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Author: Diana Wingate

The alternate birthstone for both November and December, blue topaz rings give an unmistakable look of elegance to the hand.

In constant use for over 2000 years, topaz is one of the gems used in the gates to the Holy City of the New Jerusalem. It is believed that they protect against enemies. It is unsure if the name topaz came from Greek or Sanskrit. Topaz was dedicated to Jupiter by the Romans. In ancient times, there were many myths about topaz including that it could make sterile women fertile and men more handsome and desirable and also, that if topaz was thrown into boiling water one could immerse their hand into it. I would not advise trying it. Want you want to do with your hand is just slip a blue topaz ring on it. You'll feel cooler and the only burn will be to your eyes from it's brilliance. Topaz is believed to be calming and reduce anger and sadness as well.

Topaz occurs in many colors such as blue, orange green, pink red and a clear topaz which is often treated to produce blue. Found in Africa, Australia, Brazil, Burma, Japan, Mexico, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the former USSR, Topaz has a hardness of 8 and blue topaz has often been mistaken for aquamarine as it is usually very pale when found naturally and that in itself is not all that common. Mostly, Blue topaz is irradiated and heat treated to produce the varying degrees of blue we have come to associate with this gem. Even though blue topaz has been treated to attain the wonderful shades of blue, it remains unaffected durability wise, maintaining its hardness level. There are many different shades of blue from a very pale to a stunning deep blue.

Rings made of blue topaz can be as ornate, delicate or stylishly elegant as the wearer would want and the different cuts of this gem allow for creativity. Cluster style topaz or a solitaire topaz with clusters of small diamonds make for a dazzling effect set on white or yellow gold. These can reflect a modern or antique feel. Again, set in white or yellow gold, single topaz of different cuts with a more patterned band. These bands can be scrolled, laced intertwined, the list is endless. Traditional settings are timeless classics and never go out of date, as solitaires on a plain band, solitaires with diamond arms and clusters these can be use as engagement, eternity and stunning dress rings will delight generations. There are also big and bold settings as well as more modern and unusual designs and settings. For children, there are smaller blue topaz rings, settings are more delicate and are either solitaire or a smaller stone set into a signet ring, these can be white or yellow gold or silver. Let's not forget the gentlemen who appreciate this lovely gem. Blue topaz rings with settings in a thicker more masculine band on white or yellow gold.

No matter what the occasion, the gift of a blue topaz ring is sure to delight and impress, not only the wearer but those who admire fine jewelry.

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