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Published Date: 2007/3/31 13:50:00
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What makes a Peridot unique?  Peridot is found in a number of places on Earth. It can also be found on Mars.  Peridot, or evening emerald as sometimes it is called, is the softest gemstone.  This is probably why it is less popular than the other gemstones.   It is vibrant green in color and is best seen at dusk.  It is very refreshing to look at and it has a soothing and calming effect.

by Eric Hartwell 

Peridot in History

Peridot is the gemstone for August.  It is also the 16th anniversary gemstone.  Ancients believed it to have the power to reduce a person’s anxiety, helps create a successful marriage, change dreams into reality, keeps away nightmares and evil spirits, and gives power to enable a person to communicate well.  Peridot, when transparent, would come in variety of colors, ranging from light yellowish green to deep olive color.  Like emeralds, the greener the color, the higher the value of a peridot stone.

Judging Peridot Quality

Peridot tends to be clearer than emerald and it comes in various shapes, sizes and hues.  The quality is good and its value is higher if the texture and surface is clear and the color is deep green.  It has a rather oily and greasy appearance.  Like an emerald, a peridot could have bubbles, flaws and inclusions, so clarity is very important in looking for a good quality stone. 

Care must be taken when using peridot as jewelry. It is a sensitive gemstone and can be damaged by improper use and care. Avoid excesses of temperature and be aware that acids and over use can damage the stone. However, Peridot is an exciting and fashionable gemstone that will enhance any person.

Peridot used as jewelry makes a fine gift. It is a soft but vibrant gemstone that will enhance any attire or personality. It is less expensive that other gems but, nevertheless, gives a high quality in appearance and, if looked after careful, will give many years of pleasure when received as a loving present.

Peridot cannot stand harsh changes in temperature, some acids, and too much wear and tear.  So, it should be used sparingly, especially if it is mounted on a ring.  This is also another reason why it is used as side stones rather than a center stone.  Larger peridot stones are becoming scarce, so the large ones are very expensive, especially if they are of good quality.  Unlike other gemstones, a peridot needs to be treated with wax or oil.  Sometimes, it is also subjected to fillings of resin to harden it.

Due to its less popularity and to its softness, it is less expensive than other gemstones and makes a great substitute for emeralds.  This is the perfect gift for yourself on your birthday or if you are a man, looking for the right gift for your lovely wife on your 16th anniversary, this is the ideal gift.  If you’re girlfriend is a lover of astrology and her zodiac sign is Capricorn, she would surely love to get a Peridot jewelry from you.  This is also ideal for women who have green eyes as this compliment and brings out the color of the eyes.

Peridot is ideal and perfect for jewelry and accessories.  It meshes well and is set off by cooper, gold and bronze, but looks even better with silver or white gold.  It also looks great when fashioned as chunky and bold bracelets and necklaces.

Buying the perfect gift for your loved one need not be expensive.  You don’t have to buy emeralds when a perfectly beautiful peridot stone is available.  It is a perfect gift for a birthday celebrant or a wife who has been a loving partner for sixteen years.

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