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Fossicking at Mt. Shadwell
on 2009/12/11 13:50:00 (6952 reads)

Sunday “At Peridot Central”
Mount Shadwell, the Olivine Capital” of Australia.

Starting with a convoy of six cars to the Quarry just outside Mortlake, and the mandatory 10.30 start at the quarry face,
not less that 20 members of the Geelong Club & several members of the Warrnambool Club made their way to the
top of the quarry face to collect and“smash” Olivine “bombs” that were already piled.

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Back to Bourke & Beyond
on 2008/11/28 13:47:18 (52917 reads)


In late August, after attending our granddaughters christening, we headed North on our great adventure and thanks to timely advice from Des McKiernan it was a great success.

Going North from Dubbo we discovered the new tourist office on the highway at Gilgandra, the centre has excellent displays of aboriginal artifacts, shells, fossils, rocks and minerals and some local historical items, entry by donation and you can have a cup of freshly ground coffee for $2, which makes it an enjoyable experience.

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Trip to Western Australia
on 2007/11/3 15:30:29 (44242 reads)


Western Australian Visit. 2007

On the 25th August Trish and I flew into Perth armed with heaps of film, a rock hammer and excellent advice from Des and Penny . The purpose of our trip was to explore the South West Quarter of Western Australia, from Perth we headed North to the Pinnacles back through New Norcia, South through Margaret River to Augusta, East to Albany, Esperance, then North to Norseman and Kalgoorlie and finally back to Perth  for a train trip ( you are allowed to carry double the luggage weight) back home.

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Fossicking Trip to Far Nth. Queensland
on 2007/10/1 11:40:00 (31181 reads)


Fossicking trip to Far North Queensland (2007)


After months of preparation, researching and sharpening the necessary tools, all the equipment stock piled in the garage, so that I would not forget anything when it came to packing.

Finally "D" day arrived and after saying our good byes to the family, we left very early on the morning of the last day of May, for our journey.

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Cleaning Crystals
on 2007/10/1 11:30:00 (26090 reads)



This is a very complicated subject, as "crystals" is not a very clear or concise subject.

There are many types of minerals that come in crystal form and the knowledge of just which one yours is makes for another lecture in itself.  Quartz varieties are usually fairly easily identified, although many have other minerals included in or with them.  In the case of other inclusions or added attached minerals, care must be taken to have them identified so that no disastrous results will be encountered when using acid agents

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Make your Online Jewelry Business Stand Out
on 2007/4/26 13:30:00 (7762 reads)

Author: Leo Walters

With literally hundreds of thousands of online jewelry merchants, your success depends on gaining every competitive edge you can. Beautiful photographs and rock bottom pricing help, but success will often depend on the details that make your customers visit memorable compared to the competition.

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Get A Brilliant Blue Topaz Ring For A Cool Burn!
on 2007/4/25 13:40:00 (23095 reads)

Author: Diana Wingate

The alternate birthstone for both November and December, blue topaz rings give an unmistakable look of elegance to the hand.

In constant use for over 2000 years, topaz is one of the gems used in the gates to the Holy City of the New Jerusalem. It is believed that they protect against enemies. It is unsure if the name topaz came from Greek or Sanskrit. Topaz was dedicated to Jupiter by the Romans. In ancient times, there were many myths about topaz including that it could make sterile women fertile and men more handsome and desirable and also, that if topaz was thrown into boiling water one could immerse their hand into it. I would not advise trying it. Want you want to do with your hand is just slip a blue topaz ring on it. You'll feel cooler and the only burn will be to your eyes from it's brilliance. Topaz is believed to be calming and reduce anger and sadness as well.

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How Are Diamonds Formed
on 2007/4/13 13:50:00 (13505 reads)

Have you really thought about where the diamonds on diamond rings come from? Or better yet, has it ever crossed your mind how long it took for this precious gem to evolve and become the "tiny, brilliant, décor" that women have on their necks as an ornament? Can one ever imagine what it takes for this so-called "woman's best friend" to finally exist and be one of the most sought-after possession one would wish to have?

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Peridot: Found On Earth And Mars
on 2007/3/31 13:50:00 (30519 reads)

What makes a Peridot unique?  Peridot is found in a number of places on Earth. It can also be found on Mars.  Peridot, or evening emerald as sometimes it is called, is the softest gemstone.  This is probably why it is less popular than the other gemstones.   It is vibrant green in color and is best seen at dusk.  It is very refreshing to look at and it has a soothing and calming effect.

by Eric Hartwell 

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Want To Buy Fossils Wisely?
on 2007/3/23 13:50:00 (9188 reads)

In order to buy fossils wisely you need some information. What information do you need? This article will prepare you to get the best deal on the best fossils. by Claudia Mann

When looking to buy fossils to create or add to your collection it is advantageous to have some information about the fossils you want and the dealers you are buying from.

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