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Moonstone Information
The gem variety of Feldspar called "Moonstone" is characterised by the sheen effect it exhibits; this silvery white to light blue effect can be seen when the stone is turned in certain directions. The Hardness of Moonstone on the Mohs scale is 6.
Moonstones are commonly used for jewellery, cabochon style, but are also kept by some as loose stones, at times with a moon face carved into them, or cut into spheres and either carried or kept for their believed mystical and healing properties.
Where to Find Moonstone

Moonstone Properties
Orthoclase feldspar and albite
Crystal System
Refractive Index
Specific Gravity
Moonstone Fields: Queensland
Moonstone Hill
View Mud MapAn area known informally as Moonstone Hill is located between Hughenden and "The Lynd" just off the Kennedy Developmental Road. Moonstone Hill is on the Eastern side of the road approximately 90klm south of The Lynd, or about 16klm north of the Chudleigh Park turnoff. The locality is surrounded by the Blackbraes National Park. The fossicking reserve is 5klm north of the Blackbraes turnoff. At the grid crossing on the main road look for a wire gate, the track beyond leads to the digging area.
Where to Fossick
Generally the material here is colourless and transparent, but some is milky white to yellowish and translucent to opaque. Some specimens show silvery white to bluish adulorescence-most specimens range from 10 to 40 carats-many unusable for cutting due to fractured and inclusions, but clean sizable material is common. Moonstone may be found by specking the ground surface or by shallow digging and dry sieving; it's worth your while to take time to identify good material.
Camping is allowed on the reserve but campers must be self sufficient in all things including plenty of water and a first aid kit. All rubbish must be removed.
Vehicle Access
A 4WD vehicle is recommended as the roadways and tracks can be very rough; this varies with the seasons and time of grading of the Kennedy Developmental Road-it's very had on Caravans and the like as corrugations can easily be in excess of 100mm deep-minor water wash outs can also be common along this road.
A Fossickers Licence is required to fossick anywhere in Queensland Moonstone Hill is a "general permissions" area and conditions apply-permission is given only to holders of a fossickers licence-no fires are to be lit to avoid the danger of grass fires escaping to the adjacent National Park-gates and fences must be left as found.


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