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Mortlake Victoria
About Mortlake Peridot Info
Mortlake is the Olivine Capital of Victoria and is located about 150 klm west of Geelong along the Hamilton Highway. Mortlake is a small county township servicing surrounding areas in the Western District of Victoria. Information of the area can be sought from the Shire Offices located at Mortlake.
Peridot/Olivine Fossicking: Mortlake
It is possible to stay at the Lynd Road House of in Hughenden and travel to the diggings each day. The preferred option is to camp at the diggings. To do this, campers must be self sufficient in all things including a first aid kit. See Conditions of General Permission for further details.
Where to Fossick
View Mud MapThe Olivine / Peridot is contained in "Olivine Bombs" these are balls of volcanically compressed and cooked scoria / olivine material, and can be found at the Scoria Quarry located at Mt Shadwell.
The peridot is found by finding the Olivine bombs in amongst the scoria gravels and breaking them up with a hammer. The peridot will be seen as a transparent green crystal of varying clarity. Many of the crystals are quite small, however some quite good faceting material can be found.
Mortlake has a Caravan Park with all services, the caravan park is located approximately 1klm east of Mortlake in Jamieson Avenue; there is also an overnight rest area in Mortlake.
Fossickers must have a Victorian Miners Right; this is available at Government Officers in larger cities of Victoria. Permission must be obtained from the Mortlake Shire Office to enter the area; you may be asked to sign an accident disclaimer and comply with Health and Safety issues at the Quarry. The offices are open 9am to 5pm weekdays.
If the Quarry is in operation report to the Quarry Manager who will give final permission and direct you to safe areas-it is important to note that this is a working Quarry and access may be denied.
Vehicle Access
All roadways leading to Mortlake are bitumen while the road to the Quarry is gravel in fair condition with no major access problems.


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