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Opalton Gemfields Queensland
About Opalton Opal Info
Most Opal mining took place in this area between 1888 and 1910 and has been mined sporadically since. A designated fossicking area has been allocated by the Queensland Government to attract fossickers to the area.
View Mud MapThe Opalton field is located approximately 124Klm south of Winton. Commence by travelling out the Jundah road then follow the signs. The first 15Klm of roadway mostly unsealed is in reasonable condition (at the time of writing), eventually the road will convey you to the old settlement ruins and General Store.
Opal Fossicking: Opalton Gemfields
Camping is permitted on the designated fossicking land. You need to be self sufficient including plenty of water. A permit is required and is available at the Queensland Department of Mines and Energy offices. Some supplies are available at the General Store.
Where to Fossick / Noodle
Specking—walking around the old mine dumps can yield some opal, especially after rain. Alternatively take a spray bottle and squirt likely pieces of potch with water. The water enhances the colour of the opal in the sunlight.
Boulder OpalFossicking / Noodling-Boulder Opal is mostly found in or attached to ironstone matrix found in the old mine dumps. In the old "Brilliant Claim" area the weathered Cretaceous sedimentary rock comes close to the surface, serious fossickers may dig and chance onto some workable pieces of Opal. The old mine spoil dumps often yield workable pieces of Opal for the hobbyist.
Examine potential opal bearing material by turning it over and inspecting it carefully for any show of "colour". The use of the Water Spray bottle is recommended as the water cleans away the dust and provides a reflective surface enabling colours of opal to be more readily seen.
Vehicle Access
A 4WD vehicle is recommended as the roadway can be very rough and can be slippery especially after rain. Since the new Tourist Attraction has been installed at "Lark Quarry Dinosaur Centre" the first half of the roadway has been better maintained. Roadway conditions should be checked at Winton if towing, or inclement weather been in the area.
Opalton is an old mining area with open shafts and potentially hazardous areas. Avoid the edges of the old shafts and mullock heaps as they may collapse.


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