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The Willows Queensland
About The Willows Sapphire Info
View Mud MapFossicking for sapphire near The Willows; The Willows is a small town mostly consisting of two Caravan Parks and a few local residents. One of the Caravan Parks has a shop attached where essential supplies can be bought but main shopping is generally carried out in Emerald. The "Willows" turn-off is 69 kilometres west of Emerald on the Capricorn Highway, travel a further 10 kilometres along the sealed road to the town.
Saphhire Fossicking: Willows Gemfields
The only camping at the "Willows" is in the two Caravan Parks, no camping is allowed on the fields
Fossicking Method: Where to Dig
The town is surrounded by separate areas "The Daffer", Rubbish Tip, Augies Gully, Mandyke, Green Ant Hill and Thru-the-Fence are the most common areas. Wash varies in depth from 500mm to 2 metres under the surface. The wash consists of pebbles, gravel and basalt boulders resting on a sandstone/mudstone base. Some good green and yellow sapphire's have been found in this area.
Vehicle Access
Access to the Town is via good sealed roadways, however the tracks throughout the fossicking fields are fairly rough and while 4WD may not be required, vehicles with plenty of ground clearance are essential. There is only limited access for conventional vehicles.


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