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Zircon Information
Faceted ZirconZircon has the same reflective properties as diamond; colourless forms of zircon are commonly used as imitation diamonds. Zircon comes in two varieties-Hyacinth, which range in colours of orange, reds and browns and the Jargon variety, these are colourless stones that are used to simulate diamonds. Both verities can be found in amongst the Sapphire fields of Australia.
Where to Find Zircon
Central Queensland
Northern Territory

Zicon Properties
Zirconium Silicate
Crystal System
7 - 7.5
Refractive Index
1.78 - 1.99
Specific Gravity
3.9 - 4.7
Zircon Fields
Zircon is generally found intermixed with Sapphire on the sapphire fields; the fields near the township of Sapphire are typical of this. One outstanding Zircon field is found in the Northern Territory, here, there is a great deposit of Zircon mixed with Apatite, Mica and Vermiculite. This is the area known loosely as the Harts Range; specifically the Mud Tank Zircon field.


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